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Lisa Lieberman-Wang is a keynote speaker, media personality, #1 bestselling author, that is always in high demand with media, organizations, companies, charities, and other groups, because of her practical, inspiring, and authentic approach to changing the way you feel about yourself. She loves to engage her audiences and gets right to the point. She’s been featured on all the prestigious television stations including CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The CW as their relationship and emotional health breakthrough expert and many companies including Harvard University, Konica Minolta, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Navy Memorial, Athems, Health Plus Amerigroup, Women Leading the Future, Society of Professional Women “SPW”, Small Business Expo, Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce’s among others, sharing her knowledge and experience to help create even more change among individuals.

As the #1 Bestseller of the book FINE to FAB, co-creator of the neuroscience Neuro Associative Programming and Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and trainer Lisa is a powerful leader who has inspired over 120,000 people around the world through her live seminars. Lisa’s personal triumph over eating disorders, depression, addictions, and self-sabotage gave her a unique insight into the methods that are actually proven to help let go of destructive habits and become more successful in all realms of life. She shares these insights through her seminars and television in a way that allows the audience to start applying them to their lives immediately in order to begin the healing process for themselves. Whether you are looking for topics related to empowering women and men, self-help, overcoming fears, addictions, personal growth, relationships or business development, Lisa will be able to create a custom program to inspire your attendees.

She’s been speaking for 25 years to audiences of all sizes, including corporations, healthcare professionals, and women’s conferences. Lisa has shared the stage with notables like NY Times #1 Best Selling Authors Sharon Lechter, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins and Raymond Aaron, in addition to Bill Walsh, Michelle King Robson, Dr. Roger Sahoury, Willard Barth, Crystal Hansen and Bernie Dorman.

Lisa uses her personal narrative, proven strategies for breakthroughs, and audience participation to create a keynote address that will grab the audience’s attention and change lives. Lisa’s professional seminars have been described as inspiring, entertaining, motivational, informative, and even life-changing by past attendees.

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Lisa customizes a speech to deliver at every event that addresses your organization’s unique needs, goals, and concerns. Her speeches will always:

  • give the audience practical tools to improve their lives,
  • create a supportive and open environment at the venue, and
  • inspire positive change in the lives of the women who attend.

Lisa’s professional, talks, and seminars are described as “inspiring, entertaining, motivational and informative.” She speaks on empowering women and men, self-help, overcoming fears, personal growth and business development.

Her audiences include CEO’s, companies, businesses, associations, and charities. Lisa will carefully customize her talk for your needs.

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Konica Minolta - Stop Self-Sabotage - Lunch & Learn

Konica Minolta Interview for 6000+ Employees on their Intranet

Fear of Rejection - They are NOT Rejecting YOU!

Lisa Lieberman-Wang speaking at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City Maryland for 5,000 Entrepreneurs.

Lisa Lieberman-Wang in Media

Lisa Lieberman-Wang in Media

Lisa’s Keynote Topics:

Overcoming Self-Sabotage -7 Secrets to FAB – Lisa’s Interactive Presentation

As Lisa’s most sought after seminar, 7 Secrets of FAB is time – tested to teach you practical strategies to stop self-sabotaging in a simple, step-by-step approach.

You will learn how to:

● achieve a happier, more productive life right away,
● balance personal needs with life at work, home, in your relationships, or in multiple aspects of your life,
● take control of your life and feel empowered to start living the  authentic, fulfilled life you deserve
● stop subconsciously hold yourself back,
● recognize the choices in your life and the true power you have over them, and
● discover why you are enough, no matter where you are at in your life in this moment.


Redefining Success Both Personally and Professionally

Lisa’s Interactive Presentation

As Lisa’s most sought after seminar,  tested to teach you practical strategies to redefine success both professionally and personally.

You will learn how to:

  • stop subconsciously holding yourself back or sabotaging your own efforts
  • recognize the choices in your life and the true power you have over them, and
  • discover why you are enough, no matter where you are at in your life in this moment.
  • increase your financial thermostat to bring you even more success
  • achieve a happier, more productive life right away,
  • balance personal needs with life at work, home, in your relationships, or in multiple aspects of your life,
  • take control of your life and feel empowered to start living the authentic, fulfilled life you deserve

Succeeding Despite Adversity

Lisa shares the inspiring story of what she learned during her “best worst years”:
• after years of emotional abuse,
• striving for perfection and never feeling like she was enough,
• date rape at 16 years old,
• a sudden heart attack at 18 years old,
• 6 hospitalizations over the next 13 years dealing with depression which turned into an eating disorder,
• while she managed to get a partial scholarship into college and graduated with honors.
• became a top sales performer at IBM and later MCI bringing in tens of millions of dollars for these companies.
• went on to become a successful entrepreneur building multi-million dollar companies. 
• Professional speaker, trainer, TV personality.
• Her struggles became the basis of #1 Bestseller F.I.N.E. to FAB: 7 Secrets of a Woman’s Journey Away from Depression, Disordered Eating and Self-Sabotage.
• Powerful lessons about hope, determination, faith and forgiveness required to step up and grow in the face of adversity.
Lisa offers the encouragement and specific steps needed to keep moving forward, whether your challenges surround personal, relationships, professional success, financial stability or your own fight with self-esteem or self-image.

What LIES Beneath

In this popular corporate seminar, Lisa shows you the clear link between your brain’s psychology and performance and what LIES beneath.
Discover :
  • how training your brain to be positive at work actually fuels greater success,
  • identify the LIE’s that have been keeping you from achieving your goals,
  • how you have been programmed from an early age before you knew it by well-meaning elders, (and it wasn’t all positive)
  • what positive psychology really means on a practical level, and straight forward strategies to achieve a happy state in the midst of change and challenge.

Go for the “NO’s”

A favorite among sales professionals, changing your mindset for success, step-by-step approach.

• 92% Give up after “NO” 
• Research 65% of customers say NO 4x before saying “YES”
• Most people make a mental decision to stop asking based on their own limiting beliefs!
• They are rejecting your product or service not you.
• Somewhere and somehow many we were given a message that “NO” meant they weren’t good enough.
• Learn to seek out rejection and love getting “NO’s”
• The “NO” is the gateway to the promise land. It is the necessary path you must take to get your “YES”. 
• Success Model: The person with the most NO’s gets the most “YESes”

Other popular presentations include:

• The Power of No
• How to Be the Best You Can Be
• 3 Musts to Increase Performance, Productivity & Profitability
• Taking Imperfect Action is True Perfection
• Loving Yourself, No Matter What You Weigh
• Healthcare Crisis: Making Employees Healthier
• Leadership: Leading by Example

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