Lisa Lieberman-Wang Relationship & Emotional Breakthrough ExpertGet the support you want and need to double, triple, and even 10x your business!

Your business is about to skyrocket with the support of Lisa. Over the last 30 years, she has helped her clients increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, market their business online and off, re-position themselves as leaders in their industries creating six and seven figure income earners.

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, Lisa and her team are here to help.

Here are some examples:

  • One client increased their revenue in 18 months from $32 million to $124 million.
  • Dr. White at Natural Balance Concepts made $45k in one month, what used to take her over 6 months after Lisa helped change her business structure.
  • Brenda Kiss at BKiss made $17k in one day at her first full day event using Lisa’s proven methodologies.
  • Rob, is a franchisor of RiseFit who came to Lisa when his sales staff was closing only 7% of their walk-in sales, after 90 minutes with Lisa and here redesigning the processes and procedures they closed 91% of new traffic resulting in multiple six figures to his bottom line.  

Lisa has run large training programs for decades. Companies like Anthems, Blue Cross Blue Shield brought her team in to train their field Customer Service Reps in Leadership and Sales. Konica Minolta contracted her to help change the mental climate in their environment to discuss “Overcoming Self-Sabotage” for their local corporate office and giving their 6000 employees access through the intranet.

She loves to work with a select number of high-level executives and entrepreneurs on a private basis to build themselves and their business.

Executives, Entrepreneurs & Coaches choose to work with Lisa because she leads by example. She has done over $60 million in personal sales in her career. She has led countless professionals to multi-million-dollar businesses including herself. Her expertise reaches every aspect of your business. Know that your business reflects the owners. Take your business to the next level.


Take your business to the next level.

You will…

  • Map out your entire business, in your very first session together and start ahead of the game
  • Design your vision, values, purpose and mission that you will build your foundation
  • Eliminate the blocks that get in your way of optimum performance and affect your bottom line
  • Turning 80% of your business into productivity versus activity
  • Re-positioning/position yourself as the leader in your industry
  • Creating revenue-based profitable products and services that are evergreen
  • Design your ideal client, signature talk, unique program and funnels to attract and retain
  • Learn how to set up a never-ending stream of clients
  • Increasing your value and service to be awarded higher fees
  • Streamlining your sales processes & increasing profitability
  • Increasing your revenue and reducing your operating expenses
  • Create your irresistible offer through the right sales scripts, processes and procedures
  • Discern what you need to do and what can be delegated and to whom
  • Choose the best platforms and how to execute your products and services through them
  • Reducing Absenteeism and Presenteeism
  • Learn how you can walk away from every business event you attend with new, qualified, high-value clients
  • Be held accountable throughout the process so you get all the things you need to do done and make this year our most successful one yet.
  • Gain business skills that will last a lifetime and position you as one of the top in your industry

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If you desire a single day of strategic planning–and/or confidentiality in your working arrangement—Lisa also does occasional VIP Strategy Packages for qualified applicants. Startups are welcome. Meetings are typically held online if not local to the area. But on occasion she may be available to travel for your consultation. Inquire here via this brief form.

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