Want More Self Confidence & Ready to Transform Your Life?

FINE to FAB Transformational Program

Helps you rise above the struggles holding you back.

In just 10 short weeks, FINE to FAB & our Exclusive Retreat Will Teach You How To Gain Even More Self Confidence So You Can Live An Authentic Life, Happy, Healthy & Free!

The FINE to FAB custom accelerated 10-week program gives you personalized lessons to help you eradicate self-sabotaging beliefs, weekly group support calls, daily accountability and one-on-one counseling help you quickly transform your life to be what you want it to be.

Have you ever felt like you were not enough or limited by fear and self-doubt? FINE to FAB founder, Lisa Lieberman-Wang has been in your shoes and started this accelerated program in order to help you rise above limiting inner beliefs and emotions to quickly feel better. So many women struggle with self-sabotaging habits and insecurities that make you feel like you are never enough, no matter how much success you achieve in some parts of your live. If you are ready to eliminate these doubts and get rid of the blame and shame holding you back without needing years of therapy, you may be ready for the full transformation program offered by FINE to FAB over just 10 weeks.

This full-throttle program helps you improve your emotional health, weight, confidence, work life balance, relationships, career, finances and develop an overall extreme love of self! This program is designed to help you breakthrough and overcome the emotional blocks that have kept you stuck or sabotaging your success, teach you the language of your body and adapt a healthy nutritional lifestyle, while healing mind, body and soul. With a facility of amazing individuals that have walked the walk, we help you truly learn and embrace the tools needed to become FAB: Fabulous, Awesome, and Beautiful inside and out.

Rise above the struggles holding you back now!

The core of our FINE to FAB program centers around 20 life lessons that we all need to feel fulfilled and happy, yet few of us are ever taught.

These interactive lessons are delivered online weekly that you can do at your own pace and include plenty of offline support and guided hypnosis meditations so that you can internalize these lessons, not just learn them, but own them. Some of the themes we explore include:

  • How your unconscious beliefs influence your life (and how to change them),
  • Eating for life: Regarding food as a source of sustenance, not the enemy,
  • Eliminating stress and depression,
  • Breaking away from bad habits, addictions, and disease triggers, and
  • The Happiness Formula: What you need to love yourself every day.
  • How to grow yourself and your business or career

The Happiness Formula: FLY – First Love Yourself

In addition, you will become a part of the FINE to FAB community. During the ten-week program, you will have access to:

  • Personal Assessment: This opening assessment will clarify your needs and goals before the program starts, so you can get the most out of your strategic mentoring sessions and nutritional consultations.
  • Nutritional Consultant: Learn the language of your body and how food affects your moods, emotions, hormones and weight. Get a customized approach to what you personally need to be healthy and feel fulfilled. You will get 4 private, 30-minute calls with your nutritional consultant.
  • Ten Weeks of Video Support and Guided Meditation: The start of the week you will get a short video to set the tone and get you going. These videos and meditations support the online lessons that you will receive.
  • One-on-One Strategic Transformational Session: You and your personal mentor will work through limiting beliefs and break down barriers to help you get to the core of what is holding you back, so that you can eradicate them from your life in a private session.
  • Ten Weekly LIVE Video Web Conference Calls: Join a small group of other FAB individuals on the same journey as you to review the lessons of the week and discuss the issues that each session brought up for you. These one to two-hour sessions provide accountability, practical implementation, motivation, guidance and a sense of community for future support with other members. You will overcome obstacles together and help each other meet weekly goals, so that true behavior modification and positive mindset shifts become possible.
  • Unlimited Online Support:  We are here for you during this intense journey. All questions will be answered within 24 hours on the forum, and we are just an email away at any time.
  • Extra FABulous Resources: It isn’t easy to get started on this transformational journey. That’s why we provide simple recipes, cooking tips, self-discovery exercises and other life enhancement resources for you to support your transformation.
Praise for FINE to FAB 10-Week Transformational Program


Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

  • Lisa Gave Me My Life Back

    “My journey with Fine to Fab started with the quit stinkin thinkin Facebook group. I was not in a very good place when I started on that Facebook group. From that group I saw how I was majorly self-sabotaging myself which created a miserable living environment for myself and my family. I went on to join the Fine to Fab 10-week transformational group by the end of the group I was acutely aware that without that group, the path I was on was a very destructive and permanent path of no return. I had hit rock bottom with depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, hatred, anger. You name it I felt it, I felt everything but love, I was numb. I did not have the energy to go on. Lisa gave me my life back. She helped me understand that the circumstances of my past did not define who I was in the present. She taught me that my happiness was always within me and that all these other things were covering it up and concealing it and I needed to let them go, she helped me let them go. Without Lisa, I would not be where I am today, along with the nine fabulous women that were in my group. We check in daily with our accountability and it’s still amazing to know that there are people out there who are going through the same thing and that it’s not our fault and it is our path to be happy, healthy and love life. I Love You Lisa!” 

    Lisa Gave Me My Life Back
    Diane Medeiros
  • There Are No Words That Can Express My Gratitude

    "Dearest Lisa, There are no words that can express my gratitude for what you have given me.  When the depression took control of my life, all I dreamed of was getting my old life back.  You did not give me my old life back, but you gave me a new life, a life that was full of love for myself and others, potential, dreams, self-affirmations and tools; and most importantly free of depression.  Every time I experienced a depressive episode, I would give up everything I own just to feel well again.  I would take on any physical illness that would just get me out of that deep, black hole which shut the life in me and felt like it would never end.  Now, I feel so empowered and strong so that the depression became a distant memory, no longer in control of my life.  I didn’t think that I would ever write this, but I am grateful for everything that took place in my life in order to be where I am now, and it is thanks to you Lisa.  You taught me that I have a choice and I choose every single day, every single moment what I want and look for in my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Love, Violetta”


    There Are No Words That Can Express My Gratitude
    Viola Onisczuk
  • FINE to FAB Radically Transformed My Life

    “I didn’t think I needed the program. I would feel depressed, but I thought it was “normal”. I was a perfectionist & it caused challenges with my daughter.

    “I didn’t think I needed the program. I would feel depressed, but I thought it was “normal”. I was a perfectionist & it caused challenges with my daughter.

    Today I’m happier, healthier, lost 40lbs. I doubled my income due to my increased self confidence. FINE to FAB radically transformed my life!”

    “I continued with Lisa's Business Coaching & was able to leave corporate to start a business in helping people coaching and counseling.

    In the last two weeks my client base went from 3 people to 25. I made in one month what used to take me 4 months in corporate.”

    FINE to FAB Radically Transformed My Life
    Yudy Buenos Veras
  • Down 6 Dresses & Up 6 Figures

    “Fine to Fab program has absolutely changed my life. Before I struggled with just about everything. My life went from a feeling of lack and fear to a life of abundance and choices. Down from a size 12 to a 6.  Everything has transformed in my life.

    I am happier than I have ever been. My relationship with my husband of 17 years is amazing. My children have benefited immensely from me taking care of myself so I can be there for them at a whole new level.

    My confidence and self-esteem have grown so much that I pursued turning my "hobby" into a business. I have been able to turn a part-time business into a six figure income. I have made 1200% more money this year than I had ever done in my own business of 15 years! I couldn't have done it without you Lisa. Much Love!”


    Down 6 Dresses & Up 6 Figures
    Brenda Kiss
  • Single BEST INVESTMENTS I Ever Made in Myself

    I’ve gained focus about where I want to go and how I want to get there. It’s amazing. I would recommend fine to FAB to anyone who is looking for a breakthrough. Anyone who is looking to be all they are supposed to be.

    I have been watching Lisa for years and have seen her own personal success and what she has done with many other people. I knew I needed to do anything she was offering.

    As a Health Professional, One of the Single BEST INVESTMENTS I ever made in myself and my practice with Lisa.

    By applying all that I learned from Lisa’s programs. My income has increased by 1000% .

    The Programs she offers are PRICELESS!  I have registered for everyone of them.”

    Single BEST INVESTMENTS I Ever Made in Myself
    Dr. Terry White

Complete Your Journey at the Exclusive Retreat

FINE to FAB Transformational Weekend (For Women)

Exclusive Event by Invitation ONLY

Available ONLY to FINE to FAB clients most dedicated to change, we offer you the chance to attend a capstone two-day retreat as a VIP* guest to help you firm up your discoveries made during the ten-week program and expand your learning into other areas. At FINE to FAB, we believe in eliminating the harmful habits in all areas of our lives. This retreat lets us explore how these may manifest in business, finances, and relationships, not just our personal lives.

We will discuss everything we transformed during the program, as well as your relationships with others, family, business, money and sexuality. We always invite a panel of experts with a range of subjects to give specialty trainings to ensure you are ready to retain everything you learned during the transformation and solidify your transformation into a confident, happy woman. Use this bonding experience to join a sisterhood of women as dedicated to ending self-sabotage as you are.  *Note: food & lodging not included.

You have what it takes to become a totally new you.

With the FINE to FAB transformational program, be empowered to:

  • love yourself as you are today;
  • discover a healthier relationship with food, money and others;
  • identify your self-sabotaging habits and triggers, as well as the techniques to eradicate them;
  • gain lasting, deeper self-confidence; and
  • finally stop self-sabotaging for good,

so, you can live a transformed life… happier, healthier and free!

Praise for Lisa Lieberman-Wang's FINE to FAB 10-Week Transformational Program
Gayle ElderFormer Judge
“To any woman (or man) that has ever questioned their life; fine to FAB is the awakening, awareness and emotional connector to empower you to address those questions with true answers, real (easy) change, and zero blame. It’s a road map to success, discovery of where true love comes from, ...

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Sarah DaweProject Manager
“From an early age, I began searching for “more” I always knew I wanted “more” but I wasn’t sure what “more” was, or how to achieve it! I learned more about myself and my path spending an hour with Lisa than I did spending over 2 years with a therapist. ...

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Dr. Atha WhiteAtha T White, ND MH CPT
“One of the things that I have found in this course is understanding stories and how we live in them. It’s really moved me into a place where I don’t react based on my story but I respond based on the truth of what's going on in the situation. I’ve ...

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Pamela SolidayEngineer
“I’ve gone to training after training in my life. I’ve been to therapy I’ve been to everything. And nothing has been able to get me past the blockages that have kept me from being as successful as I want to be. And I’ve lived in the past for the last ...

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Pattie ScarceEntrepreneur
“I believe that life is short and we were designed to live an extraordinary life, no matter how old we are. Lisa has given me tools to get “unstuck” in my old habits of processing my thoughts and not self sabotage myself. Thank you, Lisa, for helping me live my ...

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Anne-Marie GuthrieU.S. Marines, Education Specialist
“Carrying your past around with you in the form of extra weight? Once an outgoing, successful, fun loving person? Then, some bumps in the road now find yourself sinking deeper down a hole, only to bury yourself with food. With Lisa’s help and the “fine to FAB” program it is ...

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Linda TruddenGoddess of Gilgo Beach
Lisa you are brilliant! We miss so much of our lives picking on ourselves leading to self-sabotage, WOW! Now I know! What a different life I am living! Thank you! We women want to live and love, but somehow we mess ourselves up. The fog has lifted, I can see, ...

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Jessica AndersonEntrepreneur
“I did the Fine to FAB program because while I was successful in some parts of my life but I realized I needed to grow and change. I had some issues from the past to deal with and they were getting in the way of what I wanted for the ...

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Diane LaneCNA
“This is Lisa D. Lieberman-Wang at her best as she takes you from where you are (fears and phobias) to where you want to be (strong and courageous). Let your transformational journey begin.... phenomenal!”

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Karen KremzarOccupational Therapist, Health and Wellness Coach
"I came to Lisa feeling “stuck” in a few areas of my life. I have been on a 20 year journey of healing and self-improvement, utilizing various conventional and non-conventional methods. I have stopped destructive eating, accomplished many goals and changed my thinking in many ways, yet I was still ...

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