Jessica Anderson

“I did the Fine to FAB program because while I was successful in some parts of my life but I realized I needed to grow and change. I had some issues from the past to deal with and they were getting in the way of what I wanted for the future. Unlike a lot of self-help stuff that I have been through before, Lisa didn’t focus on the old stories she allowed me to get rid of them in my life, create new ones and see myself the way I am now. I would recommend this personally for anybody who wants to grow personally or lead others because it starts with you. This has been life changing. There’s only so long that I can go on pretending that I believed I was good when I didn’t. Now I know that I am a good person. It’s something that I know would have developed into conflict. Today it’s totally not something I have to worry about anymore. I would really recommend it for anybody who has had some issues about who they think they are.”