Create Your Great Love Story Now

Every great love story has one thing in common. A look, a glance, a feeling that keeps you smiling all day. That special spark that ignites something within you and brings you together. 

Many love stories come to an end and you are looking for the answers in all the wrong places as to what you could have done to avoid it. Well if you can relate, we’ve been there too.

When love is in the air everything is great, then it ISN’T!!!

Where ever you are in your relationship single or married you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Relationship Weekend Retreat. Yardley and I have taken that last 19 years together of ups and down to turn it around and figured out why we pick the wrong people, how to find your soul mate, or make the relationship you are in work.

Too often we settle for less because we just don’t know. We have invested decades in learning and understanding what makes relationships work and what kills the spark all together.

We even got something really cool for you!!!!

You will be taking an assessment to learn what specifically lights you up and how to share that with your mate, present or future!!!

Imagine giving your future or existing partner a road map to how to love you!!!!

It will be an amazing experience. Very interactive and educational.

You see there is nothing wrong with you and in the past you weren’t educated to understand your mate. You just haven’t cracked the code on how to appreciate their world. When you get that done, life is so GOOD!!!!

Learning other peoples language and needs makes for great healthy relationships. The one’s that sustain the test of time. The happy ever after you read about.

Whether you are looking to find your soulmate? Or want to bring the magic back to your current relationship? In the spirit of love, seize the opportunity with our limited special offer – 75% off.*

Create deeper relationships, discover what lights you up and turns you on. Get the blueprint to share with your partner or future one to create a road map for lasting love.

Whether you are single or married this will add years of happiness to your life!

• Learn what makes good relationships great.

• Open doors for awesome communication.

• Understand the needs of the opposite sex and how to support each other.

• Discover what kills any relationship.

• Why divorce is so common and how to avoid it.

• Avoid years of frustration & marriage counseling in one day.

• Find out how to be in a relationship without bringing your past with you.

• Designing the ultimate relationship now.

• Regardless of your past experience or current relationship, the potential for creating something deeper, richer and lasting is within your grasp.

• Take action now and experience what’s possible when you transform your beliefs, eliminate your fears and master the fundamental skills necessary to create your ultimate relationship.

• Single and looking for a mate? Design your ideal companion and learn how to attract him/her into your life.

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Location: Hilton Hotel Hasbrouck Heights: 650 Terrace Ave, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 (201) 288-6100

DATE: September 29-30th, 2018
Saturday, 9-7:30pm
Sunday, 9-7pm

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