7 Secrets to FAB – Overcoming Self-Sabotage Webinar

Overcome Self-Sabotage with 7 Secrets to FAB Webinar

The purpose of webinar is to help you learn some new strategies and 7 secrets to be more successful and overcome self sabotage to live a happier life!

You see I am no stranger to SELF Sabotage. I spent a better part of my life being an expert at it, as a matter of fact. Looking at me now you might not believe that, but it’s true.

When I found the secret on how to stop hurting myself; my life, career, relationships, finances all improved considerably. 

I have recently written a No.1 best seller FINE to FAB, on how I have transformed my life from the struggles of emotional abuse, date rape, self-sabotage, clinical depression, eating disorders and a heart attack, all of which I experienced prior to the age of 18. These “best worst years” have given me the most incredible gift of all; to truly understand my clients and equip them with the strategies to radically transform their lives.

The 7 Secrets aren’t pulled out of the air, they are science based on why willpower doesn’t work and how your unconscious mind has been programmed from an early age to have your behavior in a predictable manner.

Know that through the webinar using the 7 Secrets you will learn how to reprogram your unconscious mind and start to go from feeling F.I.N.E. to being FAB!

Ready to take your life to the next level? Watch the webinar now and then click here to continue your journey to FAB!